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Regular Checkups

Just like humans, pets need annual checkups to properly maintain their health and wellbeing.  Your pet’s annual exam allows us to evaluate your pet’s health and any risk factors for disease that may become serious concerns over time.  The cost of preventative care is just a fraction of the cost of treating your pet for a serious disease or a more advanced problem. An early diagnosis will not only help you save money but also bring more comfort to your loved pet.

Our Checkups

The veterinarians at Double Oak Mountain Animal Hospital can advise you on senior pet health, vaccinations, microchipping, parasite control, nutritional counseling, behavioral problems, allergy issues, and much more.  If any concerns are found during your pet's annual checkup, we provide you with information on ideal treatment options to fit you and your pet’s needs.  Additionally, our staff will give recommendations specifically tailored to your pet’s health status and risk factors.



An important aspect of preventive health care is vaccinations. Core vaccines are often considered vital to pet health and help prevent the most common infectious diseases amongst pets. If a pet often travels or has unique needs, our veterinarians can recommend additional, non-core vaccinations to cover specific conditions or risks. Vaccinations are also extremely important for younger pets. Pediatric pet care focuses on the needs of young puppies and kittens, which are highly susceptible to infectious diseases. Typically beginning at the age of 6 weeks old, young pets require a series of initial vaccinations, then booster vaccinations every 3 weeks until 15 weeks of age.

Some vaccines offered at Double Oak Mountain Animal Hospital include:

  • Rabies – A viral disease accompanied by brain inflammation, disorientation, dementia, increased thirst, and increased aggression. Rabies is spread through direct contact with an infected animal’s saliva and is transmissible from animals to humans.  Rabies is almost always fatal.
  • Distemper – Distemper affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems. It is spread through airborne exposure or shared water and food bowls. There is no cure for distemper, which can be fatal.
  • Bordetella – An infectious disease commonly known as “kennel cough” which causes contagious tracheobronchitis. Bordetella is a non-core vaccine, but it is highly recommended if your pet ever stays at a doggy daycare center or boarding kennel.
  • Leptospirosis – A disease that can cause chronic damage to the liver and kidneys. It is passed through the urine of infected animals.  While dogs can begin producing antibodies for the disease 8-10 days after infection, in severe cases, the damage caused in that short time can lead to liver or kidney failure and become fatal.

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