How to Know if Your Pet Needs a Dog Dermatologist

If your furry friend is scratching or licking more than usual, or you notice red, flaky patches on their skin, your pet might benefit from a dog dermatologist. In some cases, a quick wash with a soothing shampoo can help, but for some conditions, you may need professional assistance to help identify the cause and treat your dog’s discomfort. 

Dog skin conditions, allergies, and other irritants can cause pain and irritation for your pet, so it’s crucial to address these issues to provide your pet with the best possible care. Here are a few reasons you may consider taking your pet to a veterinary dermatologist. 

Common Dog Skin Problems

Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish between normal pet behaviors and the signs of something more serious. For example, while it’s natural for your dog to scratch an itch or nibble at their paws now and again, constant scratching and licking can indicate a skin condition or allergies.

It’s a good idea to contact a veterinary dermatology specialist if you spot the following issues:

  • Excessive scratching. Excessive scratching goes beyond normal itching and can leave raw, irritated patches on a dog’s skin.
  • Too much licking. If your dog keeps licking its paws, constantly bathing its legs, or chewing on its skin, it might be time to see a dog dermatologist.
  • Flaky, red skin. Dogs can get dandruff and other skin conditions, just like humans. If you notice flaky patches, skin discoloration, and other abnormalities, a dog dermatologist may be able to help.
  • Hair loss. Some dogs experience hair loss due to stress and environmental factors. Other dogs have skin conditions that can trigger hair loss or thinning.

Some dogs are highly susceptible to skin allergies, hyperthyroidism, and ringworm. Though these ailments may not seem serious, especially if your dog doesn’t show signs of agitation or discomfort, they can lead to significant health complications if left untreated. 

Working with a veterinarian or a dog dermatologist can help you isolate the problems and create a health plan for your pet. They can recommend prescription oral or topical medication to get your beloved furry friend feeling happy and healthy again.

Find a Trusted Dog Dermatologist

Pets are like family members, and when your dog isn’t feeling their best, it’s essential to know where to turn. When your furry friend’s experiencing discomfort, it causes you pain too. 

At Double Oak Mountain Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are well-equipped to handle the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that cause excess biting, scratching, licking, or even hair loss. If your pet is in need of dermatological care in Birmingham, AL, contact us at Double Oak Mountain Animal Hospital today. Our team will help your pet pal look and feel their best again.